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The Nike approach to progressive sanctification

October 26, 2012



“The New Testament calls upon us to take action; it does not tell us that the work of sanctification is going to be done for us … We are in the ‘good fight of faith,’ and we have to do the fighting. But, thank god, we are enabled to do it; for the moment we […]

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God is not a slave driver

October 19, 2012



From The Hole In Our Holiness by Kevin DeYoung: “From a failure to properly understand God comes a world of unhappiness among good Christians even today. The Christian life is thought to be a glum, unrelieved cross-carrying under the eye of a stern Father who expects much and excuses nothing. He is austere, peevish, highly […]

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Gay marriage controversy: Are you a chicken if you don’t take a stand for Chick-fil-A?

August 3, 2012



Gay-marriage activists are attacking Chick-fil-A for their support of the biblical definition of family. So, Christians need to take a public stand to address the issue, right? Pastor and author Kevin DeYoung thinks so: In the face of controversy and opposition, it’s always tempting to withdraw into friendlier confines. But working for the public good […]

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