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Weirdest Kennedy assassination conspiracy yet

November 27, 2013


Turns out that Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t ultimately responsible for the assassination of JFK. The real culprit was a mutant stationed on the grassy knoll 50 years ago. Hard to believe? You bet. Actually, this yarn is being spun as a viral marketing stunt to promote the newest X-Men film. Marvel has created a site […]

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Weird, wild, wonderful … the Word of God.

November 13, 2013


“The Bible is strangely askew. Straightforward things convolute, suddenly appearing to double back in contradiction. Proverbs, for instance: that’s like a sock drawer of mismatched ideas — riches are good, or maybe bad; fools should be rebuked; no, fools should be avoided — and when you throw it side-by-side with Ecclesiastes, and mix in the […]

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