Miley Cyrus and other signs of the coming apocalypse

August 30, 2013

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I’m not completely sure that there is such a thing as “blogger law.” But if there is, certainly a Miley Cyrus post is legally mandated.

Losing my lunchTo be honest, I didn’t see her performance on MTV’s Video Music Awards show. My feeling is that the show is a squalid showcase for worldliness, so I’m typically otherwise engaged during the broadcast. I’d like to tell you that I boycott it because of righteous indignation, but truth is, the rampant sensuality would be a temptation to me.

Back to the artist formally known as Hannah Montana: She stuns the audience with song and dance that’s raunchy even by MTV standards. And that’s saying something! The Twittersphere erupts with shock and outrage, and the 20-year-old Cyrus becomes a byword for all manner of social ills.

A friend of mine blamed his fellow evangelicals for the debacle because they bought their girls Hannah Montana lunchboxes years ago. One blogger was reduced to tears. Another lashed out at a male performer who shared the seedy spotlight with Cyrus.

Seriously, much of the aforementioned reaction included some wise and compassionate perspectives. But I have to wonder, do we really believe the scriptural warning that tells us that we will “know a tree by its fruit?” Should be be flummoxed when a performance on a secular television show is marred by raw and perverse sexuality?

Interestingly, a medley of songs earlier in night by Justin Timberlake was widely celebrated, even though the lyrics were as suggestive as Cyrus’s. But I know Christian women who are very public with their love of all things JT. Why the double standard?

What’s your take on the whole Miley Cyrus hoopla?


2 Responses to “Miley Cyrus and other signs of the coming apocalypse”

  1. sally apokedak Says:

    I never watch these shows either. But I heard the outrage and immediately went to youtube or someplace and watched her performance.

    I was a little surprised. Yes it was yucky. But it wasn’t really any worse than what you find in most pg13 movies, I didn’t think. Horrid stuff that adds to the ideas that we are little more than animals, that sex in all forms is great, and that women should be seen as sex objects, but really–she was no more sexually suggestive than that poor girl in the second Transformers movie (which is to say she was horribly sexually suggestive and she degraded herself, the poor girl, but she is not the first, nor will she be the last to do so), and she showed not as much skin as you’ve seen if you’ve watched any of the early episodes of Burn Notice., where after every commercial break they had to show you that they were in Miami by showing you women on the beach wearing next to nothing. And I don’t hear anyone screaming about that.

    Sex sells. Apparently Miley Cyrus knows this. Too bad.


    • Dave Wilson Says:

      Thanks for your comment Sally.
      I agree that the Miley Cyrus incident is just one more evidence of the sinfulness of our culture apart from Christ.


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