A tough question for pro-choice advocates

October 27, 2012


Blogger Trevin Wax recently posted an article titled, 10 Questions a Pro-Choice Candidate Is Never Asked by the Media. Here’s an example that really stood out to me:

In 2010, The Economist featured a cover story on “the war on girls” and the growth of “gendercide” in the world – abortion based solely on the sex of the baby. Does this phenomenon pose a problem for you or do you believe in the absolute right of a woman to terminate a pregnancy because the unborn fetus is female?

This scenario may seem purely theoretical in the United States, but in reality, it happens pervasively around the world. See the video below for a new documentary film that examines issue. While the movie addresses the larger topic of genercide, the idea that a mother should have the ultimate choice to kill her unwanted child is at the heart of the pro-abortion perspective.

To read Trevin Wax’s other questions for pro-choice advocates, click here.

Pro-life candidates are confronted with tough questions regarding their opposition to abortion. I think that’s fair. But do you agree that the media has largely given pro-choice politicians a pass when it comes to thorny issues related to their position?

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