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Better parenting in less than 20 minutes.

August 10, 2012


Biblical counseling experts Paul David Tripp and Elyse Fitzpatrick talk about the impact of the Gospel on parenting.

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Is “bromance” in the dictionary?

August 7, 2012


Words get added to the dictionary on a regular basis. Some make sense. Others are real head scratchers. Below is a sample of new terms added to the Oxford Dictionary Online’s warehouse of over 600,000 words: 1.  Bling (n): Expensive, ostentatious clothing and jewelry. 2.  Bromance (n): A close but non-sexual relationship between two men. […]

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Gay marriage controversy: Are you a chicken if you don’t take a stand for Chick-fil-A?

August 3, 2012



Gay-marriage activists are attacking Chick-fil-A for their support of the biblical definition of family. So, Christians need to take a public stand to address the issue, right? Pastor and author Kevin DeYoung thinks so: In the face of controversy and opposition, it’s always tempting to withdraw into friendlier confines. But working for the public good […]

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Hulk Smash!

August 2, 2012


No, a bolt of gamma radiation didn’t transform me into the Incredible Hulk. I had my hands painted green to help my son with a science experiment. Turns out washing hands longer with soap gets hands cleaner than washing them for less time without soap. Who knew? Seriously, we had a fun time working together, […]

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