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Have yourself a meaty little Christmas

December 8, 2011


Bacon-flavored candy canes, you ask? Please don’t ask me to explain. Bacon refuses to explain itself. In fact, it transcends all attempts to be explained or judged. Bacon simply is. And that is enough my brothers. That is enough. HT: Uncrate

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Are you in your comfort zone? Too bad.

December 7, 2011


“If you want a religion to make you feel comfortable, I certainly don’t recommend Christianity.” — C.S. Lewis Scripture is chock-full of promises for those who follow Jesus Christ. But, much to my dismay, delivering a Snuggie existence isn’t something God guarantees. When the Lord does promise to give comfort, he does so with a […]

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Who’s your favorite Bond?

December 1, 2011


According to an informal poll conducted by MSNBC, the most popular of the six actors to play 007 is Sean Connery. The only thing that’s surprising about this result is that they actually had to do research at all. Clearly, the Scottish version of the world’s most famous spy is head and shoulders over the […]

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